Interactive Workshops


Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshops for Classes (Students, we cover these topics 1:1 in Peer Coaching sessions, so if you are interested in a workshop topic, make an appointment with us and we can help!):

  • FYE 1000 (30mins): If you aren't sure what other FYE workshop may fit your needs, or if you are merely curious about how FYE can support your education, this is an excellent way to introduce yourself to all that FYE can offer!

         Intended Outcomes: Introduction to the Office of First Year Experience

  • Study Smarter, Not Harder (1hr): Start your new academic mindset off the right way with a quick assessment of your current study habits, time management, and academic motivations. Then, you can work with our peer academic coach to plan out a personalized study plan that maximizes your study potential and reduces your need to cram for exams. This also is a beneficial workshop for students who have to navigate study time with personal needs such as family, work, etc.

         Intended Outcomes: Self-Analysis of Current Academic Skills and Study Habits
                                           Gain Insight on Strategies for Efficient Learned Content Retention
                                           Enhance Time Management Understanding and Set Study Goals

  • Feeling the Crunch (1hr): Did you just fail an exam? Not sure how to speak with your instructor? Feeling a bit panicky about the semester? Come in, relax, and let us help you organize and prioritize your concerns while making sure that you are fully supported and connected to the campus offices who can best help you. We will also help you set short-term academic goals to reduce immediate stress, and help you find your best academic outlook for the rest of the semester.

         Intended Outcomes: Reduce Academic Stress
                                           Reframe Academic Mindset
                                           Improve Test-Taking Strategies

                                           Gain Access to and Connect with UCCS Student Support
                                           Set Short-Term Academic Goals

  • Note Navigation (1hr): This workshop focuses on highlighting the relationship between how to document your educational experiences and how you learn. You will first learn about your learning style affinity, then how to adapt notetaking to best fit your strengths and the needs of the course. This can reshape how you perceive your classes and help you to become a more engaged student.

         Intended Outcomes: Understanding Learning Affinities and How to Improve Less-Developed Affinities
                                           Be Able to Transform Lecture Notes into Study Guides
                                           Explore Notetaking Styles for Personalized and Organized Learning
  • Planner Party (30mins):  Even if you feel like you have your time well-balanced, there's always room for improvement. Bring your own planner, and/or use our semester, weekly, and daily schedule sheets along with receiving inspiration from our peer academic coaches to bring efficiency, balance, or just organize and beautify your schedule in our office. We have supplies to help give your planner a personalized twist.

         Intended Outcomes: Self-Evaluate Current Time Management Practices 
                                           Understand How to Prioritize and Organize Tasks and Assignments
                                           Construct a Working Planner, Designed and Decorated to Individual Style and Need

  • Academic Refresh (30mins): Did you not receive the GPA outcome you were hoping for last semester? Have you been feeling less motivated about classes, or find yourself in a slump? Do you need to up your game so that you are more attractive for internships or future employers? Revitalize your heart and mind with FYE! Come get a comforting drink of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa, and let us help you rebuild your academic outlook and navigate what resources to connect to that will help you meet your educational goals.

         Intended Outcomes: Reframe Academic Mindset
                                           Gain Access to and Connect with UCCS Student Support
                                           Set Long-Term Academic Goals

  • Right Place, Right Time (1hr): Creating the best study environment sometimes takes some self-reflection and creativity. Our peer academic coach can talk with you about your current study space and how it impacts your academic performance. Increase your  productivity and enhance your learning- or explore new study environment possibilities on campus.

         Intended Outcomes: Analysis of Current Study Environment
                                           Understanding of Individual Environmental Needs

                                           Understanding of Types of Study Spaces on Campus and Location(s)
                                           Ways to Creatively Adapt Spaces for Study Efficiency

How to sign up for a workshop:

  • Go to and log in using your UCCS username and password.
  • Search for FYE Workshops in the "Search for Services" bar at the top of the screen.
  • Click on "Schedule Appointment" on the FYE Academic Workshops page.
  • Find a time that and location that works for you, and click on the time you want to attend. (Note, it will say it is a meeting with a staff member in FYE).

Individual Student Meetings and Academic Assessments:

If you are a UCCS student and would like help with a skill mentioned in a workshop for classes, contact the Office of First Year Experience to schedule a time to meet with someone in the office.  We are able to schedule appointments with students via Starfish to talk about academic skills for the success of their classes.


If you are interested in setting up a workshop for your class, please contact Missy Sernatinger at We are able to offer the Study Smarter, Not Harder and Note Taking workshops in your class.  If you have questions about our interactive workshops, individual meetings, or setting up a time for a workshop in your class, please call 719-255-7521.


UCCS welcomes participants with disabilities. Please contact First Year Experience at or 719-255-3570 to discuss disability accommodations needed to participate fully in any workshop or event.