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Careers in Business

Careers in Business Learning Community

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Why join?

The Careers in Business Learning Community at UCCS gives students a deep dive into the world of business. It intends to foster a supportive environment for students to navigate the college experience together, build a support network, and make lasting friendships. 

During class sessions:

  • enjoy fields trips, events, and activities tailored to business.
  • explore and reconfirm your academic, major, and career goals.

Outside of class:

  • take advantage of opportunities to connect and make friends with peers interested in business or related fields.
  • participate in meetups to enhance your overall college experience, including weekend trips, socials, and more!

Learning Community Coach:
Each of our learning communities has a Learning Community Coach (LCC) - a student who shares a similar interest (in this case, an interest in business), who has successfully navigated their first year at UCCS. LCC's attend the Gateway Program Seminar (GPS) class every week and meet with students individually and in groups outside of class. LCC's help connect students with instructors, resources, and opportunities to get the most out of their college experience. 

How do I join?

To join the Careers in Business Learning Community, email for a permission code to enroll in GPS 1010.027. The Careers in Business Learning Community is recommended for students majoring in business or related field.

GPS 1010.027 - Careers in Business
Thursdays 10:50 AM - 1:30 PM (Aug. 22, 2024 - Nov. 10, 2024)
*Mandatory Gateway Days on August 22nd and 23rd from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM both days.

Course Description: Join us for a journey where we will examine the concepts, principles and operations of business. We will explore how business strategies can help you explore, navigate, and develop a successful collegiate experience through the UCCS College of Business and beyond. 

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Meet the Careers in Business Team