Learning Communities

Learning Communities

What are Learning Communities?

Interested in knowing more about some unique ways to learn alongside your peers and faculty. Learn more about the Learning Communities and Residential Learning Communities we offer here at UCCS.

Learning Communities (LC)

Education is a journey best done with others. With this in mind we have launched our Learning Communities (LCs).  You get to study with your peers and faculty who share a similar passion inside the classroom and enjoy unique exposure to seeing it applied outside of the classroom. 

Criminal Justice

Are you planning to major in Criminal Justice or a similar field? Would you like to have connected classes that take a deeper dive in this field with your peers and faculty. Then you may enjoy our Criminal Justice Learning Community. Learn more here.


Are you interested in engineering and how it plays a part in our world? Would you like to apply your skills from any discipline to solve team-based engineering challenges. Then you may enjoy our Engineering Learning Community. Learn more here.

Farm to Table

Passionate about how food is grown and ways in which it is consumed? Learn more about Farm to Table here.


Are you interested in nursing? Are you interested in learning alongside your peers and faculty with similar interests? Then you may enjoy our Healthcare Learning Community. Learn more here.

Holistic Well-Being

Interested in how to care for yourself in a holistic way? Would you like opportunities to learn alongside your peers about ways to navigate life transitions mentally, physically, spiritually, and more? Then you may enjoy our Holistic Well-being Learning Community. Learn more here.

MOSAIC Gateway

Have you been selected to join our MOSAIC Learning Community? That's great! Learn more about some of the exciting experiences that are to come here.

Residential Learning Communities (RLC)

If you are planning to live in the residence halls and are excited about Learning Communities then we have 2 exciting Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) to consider. You get to live with your peers who share your passion and learn alongside them. If this sounds like the type of learning that will best support you as you launch your learning career at UCCS, join us in one of our RLCs this fall!

Career Collective

Still deciding on your career or excited to start preparing for a career you are already passionate about? Learn more about Career Collective here.

Healthy Neighbors

Interested in a health science field or helping others in a health-related way? Learn more about Healthy Neighbors here.

Have a Question?

For questions regarding UCCS Learning Communities, please email learncom@uccs.edu or visit our office in Main Hall, Room 324.