1st Generation


First-Generation Student: (noun) A student whose parents did not graduate from a four-year university.

First2Go Program: (noun) A planned series of events to help first-generation students navigate and succeed in their first year at UCCS.

If you are the first in your family who will earn a Bachelor's degree, you are considered a first-generation student. UCCS is very proud of our first-generation students and we know that the transition into college can be both exciting and intimidating.

There is a supportive community here for all first-generation students. First2Go works with all first-generation students to help with any academic skill building needs, but also as a support home where first-generation students and families can be heard and receive connections to support across the entirety of the UCCS campus and community.

First2Go buttons are used to highlight those at UCCS who are the first in their families to seek or earn a four-year college degree. Throughout a student's college career, other first-generation students, faculty, and staff serve as their support, community, cheerleaders, and role models.

First 2 Go Logo

 First2Go Program Participation

     If you identify as a first-generation student, we would love to have you as part of the First2Go program.  Please email Missy Sernatinger
     at to get more detailed information about the program. 

     Benefits of participating in First2Go:

  • Receive academic check-ins with the Office of First Year Experience.
  • Gain meaningful experiences and connect with mentorship opportunities on campus.
  • Earn a cord to wear at graduation upon completion of the program requirements (within your first three semesters at UCCS).
  • Create lasting connections to campus support.

First2Go Program Honor Cord Requirements:

Stop by the First Year Experience each month and complete an F2G Check-in Form. This lets us know how you are doing, gives you immediate access to support, and helps us know where we can offer additional support. 

      Fall Semester Requirements:

  • Complete a one-hour academic skills assessment and coaching meeting with a Peer Academic Coach (PAC) at FYE within the first 5 weeks of the semester- you can make an appointment for this in Starfish at! 
  • Complete a 15-30 minute check-in with a First2Go support resource in October.
  • Complete a 15-30 minute check-in with a First2Go support resource in November.
  • Complete the First2Go semester end survey once it is sent to your UCCS email address in December. 

      Spring Semester Requirements:! For questions about First2Go, please contact Missy Sernatinger at or 719-255-7521.