First Generation at UCCS

First2Go is designed to recognize, celebrate, and establish belonging for first-generation college students at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. With over 20% of UCCS undergrads identifying as first-generation, First2Go offers a space for connection, support, and celebration to come alongside students through their college journey.

What does it mean to be a first-generation college student?
You are a first-generation college student if neither your parents or guardians received a bachelor's degree in the United States.

You are first-generation even if...

  • You have a parent or guardian who took a few college classes or completed a community college (associates) or technical degree.
  • Your brother or sister, aunt or uncle, or even a grandparent has a bachelor's degree.
  • You have a parent or guardian who received a bachelor's degree at an international college or university.

First2Go Connections

First2Go Connections is about celebrating and recognizing our students who will be the first in their families who will earn a Bachelor's degree by providing individualized support and promoting ways to connect with other first-generation students and their families, as well as others in our community - such as faculty and staff - that were also first-generation.

All first-generation students who graduate from UCCS will have the opportunity to pick up a cord to wear at Commencement to highlight and recognize their accomplishments.

Students interested in participating in, or receiving more information about, First2Go Connections may email

First2Go Faculty and Staff Network

First2Go Faculty and Staff Network (FGFSN) brings together UCCS faculty and staff who identify as first-generation to affirm, celebrate, welcome, mentor, and support our current and future first-generation UCCS college students.

The FGFSN spotlights its membership in different ways, including sharing stories and experiences to affirm and celebrate one another and opportunities to get involved with our partnerships and programming for first-generation college students.

UCCS Faculty and Staff who would like to be a part of the FGFSN are encouraged to complete this form.

First2Go Families

First2Go Families recognizes the importance of involving families and support systems in the first-generation student journey. While our First2Go families did not attend or complete a four-year degree themselves, they bring a lot of experience to support their student and are an important partner in their student's success. First2Go Families provides families with connection to resources, information about the university, and a community in which to engage.

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